Friday, June 20, 2008

New Song Demo - Lift Your Praise Higher

Here's a new song I would like to share with you. My friend Branon and I were talking about the issue of praise. He shared a story with me about a pastor friend of his who was confronted on this issue by some visitors from somewhere in Africa (Uganda, I think). They told him that Americans do not know how to praise because we do not have an earthly king. We elect our leadership and can vote them in or out based on the desire of the people. The visitor told the pastor that in his country, people would stand outside the castle walls and shout the praise of the king, hoping that the king would hear and invite them in and ask what he could do for them. Basically, they hope to gain the king's favor by flattery. Contrast that with our Heavenly Father and King, who is Lord and sovereign over the entire universe. We cannot earn his favor, yet he loves us and invites us into his presence.

I was so moved by that story that I had to write this song. I had a verse and a chorus within a day and a complete song within two days. It went from an idea to this demo in six days. Tomorrow, I think I'll have a rest.

Lift Your Praise Higher
by Toby Baxley
© Copyright 2008 Toby Baxley (admin. by


  1. This one's my favorite so far, Toby!

  2. I'm going to be forced to buy me some "good" speakers so you won't sound like the Chipmunks. I have some very cheap ones. Keep up the good work. We are so proud of you!


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