Hire Me

I provide a wide range of audio production services for churches and independent singer/songwriters. I approach each project with the attention to detail of a producer, the skill of an engineer, the ear of a musician, and the heart of a worship leader. Please see the services and descriptions below and let's get started:

Base price: $35 per hour or $300 for a ten-hour block.
  • Your place or mine recording sessions
  • - You can come to my studio or I can come and set up a studio in your home or church. I have the gear to record drums, choir, guitars, bass, orchestra, etc.
  • Audio editing, mixing, and mastering - We'll make those tracks sound sweet and play well on a range of playback devices.
    • Mastering price is based on the number of songs:
      • 1 song - $75
      • 4-6 songs - $300
      • 7-12 songs - $400
      • 13-17 songs - $500
      • 18 + songs - contact me for a quote
  • Vocal, guitar, or violin overdubs - $50 flat fee per instrument - Email me your tracks and lead sheet and I'll record vocals (male or female), guitar (electric or acoustic), or violin. I'll email those tracks back to you to import into your session.
  • Choral click tracks - $80 flat fee per song - I'll take your choral anthem and make a customized metronome track based on the publisher's choral demo. Here are some benefits:
    • Sync up your live performance to video. Use the click track that I provide to produce a video that will enhance your choir's performance.
    • Tighten up your orchestra's timing. This takes practice, but it is a good practice to play along with a metronome. The overall performance tightens up and your players don't feel like they need to over-play.
    • Supplement your choral vocals. I can provide you with a split click track with the click on one side and the publisher's demo vocals on the other. You can then mix a little of the pro vocals in with your choir to define their sound.
    We are flexible in the services we provide. If it is not listed here, just ask.


    Keith McGee, Minister of Music and Worship
    First Baptist Church, Denton, TX
    "Toby has created click tracks for our musical ministry for the past 5 years.
    We send the studio instrumental tracks and he makes the clicks tracks quickly; within a few days. The tracks are precise and include clear directions for musicians to follow. Toby’s makes the tracks with the insight of a minister of music. He customizes the tracks for our specific needs. Sometimes we need the tracks with instrumental, some choral and some with a different mix left or right. This is extremely helpful in our services and special presentations. 
    Bottom line-use Toby for all your click tracks and you will be glad you did!" 

    Todd Wright, Worship Pastor
    Bethel Bible Church, Tyler, TX
    "Working with Toby was one of the best recording experiences I've ever had. He's got serious musical knowledge and great technique when it comes to tracking. He was encouraging without overbearing, allowing the musicians to be themselves and challenging them toward excellence.

    The mix phase was about as easy as can be and I would wholeheartedly recommend any singers, songwriters and bands to use Toby for their recording needs."