Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lakehouse Progress

It has been a while since all the lakehouse drama. The kids confessed and we have them working for us to repair the damages. We haven't worked with them in a few weeks but we're going to kick it back into high gear pretty soon. Here are some pictures from the first couple of days:

The wall was completely repaired. William, the boys' dad, found more paneling in the attic and did a fantastic job. Excellent craftsmanship!

They cleaned the paint stripper off the floor and swept up the glass. They scrubbed the floor with hand sponges and brushes. That was not our idea. It was their parents'. It's amazing looking at this picture because, since it was taken, there has been a new tile floor installed as well as new drywall. In just a few days, a new water heater, cabinets, countertops, and appliances will be installed. The cabinets and walls will get some fresh paint and the place is really going to sparkle.

Not much to say about this, except that the window was fixed and the room is clean.

The microwave was replaced. It looks pretty much like the old one, except without the crow bar gauge in the front panel.

There's my boy watching a movie.

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  1. I know the completed project will be fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it!


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