Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Training Log - 04/09/08

I decided not to take a rest day today to recover from yesterday's workout. I will rest tomorrow because I just about exterminated myself with my workout today.

Long KB Circuit:

[35-lb Kettlebell]

15 two-arm swings as a warmup, then

Front squats x 8
push-ups x 8
one-arm snatch x 8/each side
one-arm bent-over row x 8 each side
clean-n-press x 8 each side
two-arm swing x 8

Go from one exercise to another with minimal rest in-between, then take a two-minute rest between sets. I cheated a little on the last set of clean-n-press. Instead of cleaning on each rep, I did one clean and four presses, then another clean and four presses.

I am toast now. It feels great, though to get back to working out. It really wakes me up.

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