Tuesday, April 8, 2008

90-Day Scripture Challenge

My friend, Juan, posted on his blog a few weeks ago that he wasn't a regular reader of the Scriptures. He challenged his blog readers to join him on a 90-day challenge to read the Bible every day.

I am ashamed to admit that I am "hit-or-miss" when it comes to reading the Bible. As a worship leader and songwriter I would generally go to the Scriptures for a service plug-in or a song idea. I have a good number of verses memorized and can tell you generally what they say. Also I try to live by the Word, but as far as spending significant time enjoying the reading of the Word, I am very inconsistent.

I have taken Juan's challenge and am happy to say that I have only missed one day since March 15th. I have already seen a change in myself since that time:
  • I wrote a song
  • I wrote a chorus to another song
  • I remembered a song that I wrote several years ago that I hadn't though of in years
  • I wrote a bridge to another song that I wrote several years ago
  • I sang my songs for other people, which I just don't do! (probably another blog subject)
  • I am going to sing one of my songs at a church where I'm a sub worship leader this weekend
  • I believe I am less bitter about life
  • I think I am a happier person in general. I still have "gripey" moments. Had one today as a matter of fact.
  • I feel like God is speaking to me and I am listening more. I think God never stopped speaking. I was just too caught up in my own world to listen.
  • I feel more peaceful about where we live and believe that we were "called" here to Mineola. It's not always easy, but it is easier knowing that we have a purpose here.
  • I am chasing more lions. That's a book reference, but it means that I am pursuing divine opportunities and not letting them blow by me.
I'm sure that's not all. It's just all I can think of at the moment.

By the way, I have completely read through the Gospel of John and the Book of Acts. I am looking forward to reading Paul's Letter to the Romans and the rest of the NT. My goal is to read through the rest of the NT by the end of the challenge. For me, that ends on June 15. My Scripture reading will not end there. This has been a great start to the rest of my life.

I thought I would share the chorus of a new song. I've had the second line floating around in my head for several years, but never fleshed it out into a complete chorus:
I delight in You, my everlasting, loving Lord,
I delight in You, Your presence is my great reward;
I come before Your throne to seek Your face alone,
And make Your will my home, I delight in You.

© 2008 Toby Baxley. All rights reserved.


  1. How cool that you have a blog, Toby. I will enjoy it very much!

    You might want to check into the Chronological Bible. The one I read last year had daily readings to get through the whole Bible in a year and it was life-changing for me. I absolutely loved it because it puts all of the Scripture in order of when it happened, and for a historically-minded person like myself it was perfect. Plus, all the Gospel accounts of the same story are put together for easy comparison. Psalms are put with the events that inspired them, when that is known. It is awesome.

    Looking forward to keeping up with you in cyberspace!
    LA :)

  2. Hey. You know what's cool? You are totally "paying it forward" by sharing that you are doing this. You may not even know what seeds you have planted with this notion and how a life (or lives) could be changed by this simple act.

    Rock on.

  3. You don't even know how totally cool this is.

    I'm glad for how its affecting your life already.

    Rock on, my brotha.


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