Monday, April 16, 2012

Why I Transitioned My File Storage to Dropbox

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In the last few years, a buzz word in computing has been "cloud computing", meaning that information is stored on servers that are internet accessible.

One of the first services that I used in the cloud was It is great for teams to discuss project files. I have a group of folks who evaluate my new songs. When I post up a new song, they can listen to the song and leave comments below, much like Facebook. I still use Box quite a bit but I have recently begun to transition to Here's why:

  1. Document Folder Sync: When I signed up for Dropbox, I was able to install an application on my computer that placed a Dropbox folder in My Documents (I don't know the equivalent on the Mac). Any time I save or drag a file into that folder, it automatically syncs with the Dropbox server. I also get pop-up notifications when the files are synced. Those can be disabled if you like. 
  2. File Sharing: You can right-click any file in your Public folder and get a direct link to your file. So easy!
  3. Folder Sharing: You can right click a folder in Dropbox and invite others with a Dropbox account to share that folder with you. I recently co-wrote a song with a guy using Dropbox folder sharing and Facebook messages. We would upload chord charts and rough demos to our shared folder and then discuss the changes via Facebook. It was fun and I think the song turned out great! I also use folder sharing when collaborating on recording projects. I dropped a drums/guitar/vocal mix into a shared folder and invited my bass player friend to collaborate. He grabbed the file and laid down some funky bass and then dropped just his bass file into the folder where I grabbed them and imported them into my project. Smooth!
  4. Accessible from anywhere: Anywhere you have internet access, you have access to your files. There are also convenient and useful apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  5. It's Free! There are some upgrade options, but you get 2GB free just for signing up.
I have no material connection to Dropbox. I just like it and I think you will like it to. In the interest of full disclosure, I will receive extra free storage if you click THIS LINK, sign up for the free 2GB of secure online storage, and download the portal to place a folder on your documents directory.

Speaking of that song I just co-wrote, here it is for you to enjoy.

Over to you: Go Sign up for Dropbox!

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