Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In All Fairness, What I DO Like About Facebook

My last post may have left you thinking that I do not like Facebook. While that is not entirely false, it is not entirely true either. I have serious concerns about the implications of sharing the shiny parts of our lives on an ongoing basis. However, I do not think that FB is all bad. Here is what I do like about Facebook:

  1.  Re-connecting with old friends: It is really exciting to find a friend with whom I lost touch years ago. Re-connecting with some friends might bring back happy memories and some sad ones. Either way, staying connected with the past without becoming stuck in it is a great way to keep moving forward.
  2.  Facebook is a one-stop overview of my friends' lives: Even given the fact that we do not put our whole, true selves out on FB for public consumption, there are still real, honest pieces of ourselves that we put out there. Facebook is a good way to stay reasonably connected with each other so that if/when we do see each other or speak on the phone, there's not so much catching up to do. I like that. I'm not a fan of catching up. I really like picking up.
  3. Pages: I like the public profiles of television shows I watch, recording artists I listen to, eggs I eat, etc. Some businesses have Facebook-exclusive promotions. Facebook has become a very serious marketing tool. Pretty much anything public that you enjoy is likely to have a Facebook page.
  4. Networking: I have been able to stay in touch with people who have found my music through PraiseCharts and other places. I will often post new music I'm working on and links to download or buy. I have not created a public profile. I figure I'll need to add about 4,500 more friends before Facebook says, "Whoa!"
  5.  Photos: I can shoot on-the-go photos with my phone and upload them from pretty much anywhere. Friends and family can view those photos instantly without having to wait for me to get them home, dump them onto my computer, edit them, upload to a photo-sharing site, and email a link. I also enjoy looking at my friends' photos.
  6. Facebook has become a great community resource for asking for favors, recommendations, etc. If you're looking for a good mechanic or need to borrow a pneumatic hammer, chances are good that someone in your network can help you out, often within minutes.
Those are just a few of the reasons I do like Facebook. There you go! Fair and balanced.

What have I missed? What do you like about Facebook?

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