Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Vivian Dictionary

"Oo my bess when": You're my best friend.
"ham bye oo muhwhen": Can I have a bite of your muffin.
"sane hue mutts": Thank you much.
"Do WOW!": too loud!
"mm choklit moe doffwee": I want chocolate milk and coffee.
"oo dim me wing? I stusty": Can you get me a drink? I'm thirsty.
"Ah wah watts ehwads?": I want to watch Word World.
"Ah wah yew": I Love You
"Ah wah ye dyoo": I love you too.
"Moe moe dime": one more time
"Ah nee do my essosize": I need to do my exercize.
"Nah dis dime": Not this time
"Oo oday": Are you okay? (that was easy)
"Ah nee dell oo see whet": I need to tell you a secret.
"Ah nee doss see bah": I need a Kashi bar.
"nummy in my dummy": Yummy in my tummy (another easy one)
"Hattanna": Hannah Montana
"I ha bah weem": I had a bad dream
"Wan see woe bah": I want a cereal bar
"I hunhwee": I'm hungry
"No says": no thanks
"Stew me suh": excuse me, sir
"stew me. I bupp": excuse me, I burped
"I nee doh botty": I need to go potty.
"I watts Mee Mouths": I watched Mickey Mouse
"I not towerd": I'm not tired.
"I sim uh my butday soot uh my battub": I swim in my birthday suit in my bathtub.
"I wan my sattit on": I want my jacket on.
"Padahmays": pajamas
"oo not weece it": You can not reach it.
"I nee hope": I need help.
"happy esstay yew": Happy Birthday to You!
"Dewwitt": Garrett
"Sawwee": Charlie
"Wammah": Grandma
"Wahwah": Laura
"less": yes
"not let": not yet


  1. I am LOVING this. Seriously, you need to put up some video of those adorable kids.

  2. I agree! We NEED Vivi and Garrett videos!

  3. I can still hear the little rascal saying those words. She is so sweet.

  4. So great... you've got to get audio of this because when she's 7 you'll completely forget, until you listen to the recording. Then you'll bawl your head off! Miss you guys :)


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