Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Vivian Dictionary

"Oo my bess when": You're my best friend.
"ham bye oo muhwhen": Can I have a bite of your muffin.
"sane hue mutts": Thank you much.
"Do WOW!": too loud!
"mm choklit moe doffwee": I want chocolate milk and coffee.
"oo dim me wing? I stusty": Can you get me a drink? I'm thirsty.
"Ah wah watts ehwads?": I want to watch Word World.
"Ah wah yew": I Love You
"Ah wah ye dyoo": I love you too.
"Moe moe dime": one more time
"Ah nee do my essosize": I need to do my exercize.
"Nah dis dime": Not this time
"Oo oday": Are you okay? (that was easy)
"Ah nee dell oo see whet": I need to tell you a secret.
"Ah nee doss see bah": I need a Kashi bar.
"nummy in my dummy": Yummy in my tummy (another easy one)
"Hattanna": Hannah Montana
"I ha bah weem": I had a bad dream
"Wan see woe bah": I want a cereal bar
"I hunhwee": I'm hungry
"No says": no thanks
"Stew me suh": excuse me, sir
"stew me. I bupp": excuse me, I burped
"I nee doh botty": I need to go potty.
"I watts Mee Mouths": I watched Mickey Mouse
"I not towerd": I'm not tired.
"I sim uh my butday soot uh my battub": I swim in my birthday suit in my bathtub.
"I wan my sattit on": I want my jacket on.
"Padahmays": pajamas
"oo not weece it": You can not reach it.
"I nee hope": I need help.
"happy esstay yew": Happy Birthday to You!
"Dewwitt": Garrett
"Sawwee": Charlie
"Wammah": Grandma
"Wahwah": Laura
"less": yes
"not let": not yet


  1. I am LOVING this. Seriously, you need to put up some video of those adorable kids.

  2. I agree! We NEED Vivi and Garrett videos!

  3. I can still hear the little rascal saying those words. She is so sweet.

  4. This is too cute

  5. So great... you've got to get audio of this because when she's 7 you'll completely forget, until you listen to the recording. Then you'll bawl your head off! Miss you guys :)


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