Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Song Demo - Rejoice!

Here's a new Christmas song. It's on the playlist below, but you can listen to it here as well:

Words and Music by Toby Baxley

Rejoice! He has come to be our Savior.
Rejoice! He has shown us Heaven’s favor.
Rejoice! We will never be the same again.
Rejoice, for the Lord, our God is with us,
Rejoice in our infant King, Christ Jesus;
Rejoice! He has come to free and heal us,
And to take us home forever with Him, Rejoice!

Rejoice, O Israel! Your long night is over,
The morning of redemption has dawned;
Rejoice, O ye people! Emmanuel has come,
And God has made a way through His long-awaited Son.

© 2008 Toby Baxley (admin. by PraiseCharts)


  1. every time you introduce us to another of your songs, I think I couldn't love it any more than than the last one. but I do! this one is awesome!


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