Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mineola Ink

We're starting our own show on TLC. It's a spin-off from Miami Ink and LA Ink. We are going to call our show Mineola Ink. It will star Garrett, whose stage name is Stanley "G". Here are some concept shots that we'll use in creating our show:

He's quite a genius in the medium of happy faces.


  1. Get the boy a canvas! Indelible?

  2. Nothing a little body wash on a cloth applied with some elbow grease couldn't handle.

  3. I love the ones on the bottom of his feet. That took real work to get those done. He may be famous some day for "happy faces" in the medium of ink!!

  4. We have Doctors, Musicians, Teachers and many other professions but this may be our first artist! Please don't discourage his talent!


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